Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's/Single Awareness Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, or Single Awareness Day as we lonely people like to call it. I wanted to ignore the fact that it's going down altogether, but you can't really escape it. Anyway, I'm not going to give you tips on how to get a Valentine and not be left out in the cold. I clearly don't know, I'm single! What I would like to do is offer suggestions for not ruining someone else's day, and in turn being like me.

...Get her flowers! I don't care if she told you once that she hates flowers. EVERY girl likes getting flowers! I've been known to say the same thing. They die, they don't smell that good, they need too much care, I could go on. But there is nothing like a young man showing up at your door, roses in hand. And yes, you need to get a dozen!

...Something different. If you both always go to the movies, don't go on Valentine's Day. Switch it up. You can get back to your routine next weekend. Let them know you made a conscious effort to make them happy.

...Use V-day as a day to just live in the "now" and not think too heavily about your relationship and where its going. No arguments, tension or crying this weekend.

...Use tomorrow as a platform to say something serious unless you really thought it through. You can make the day special without telling somebody you're in love with them or want to be in a relationship. Unless you know that's what you want just fall back a little and don't get overtaken by all the love in the air. You might regret it by Tuesday!

...Snitch on yourself without even snitching. If you have a date tonight and a date tomorrow with someone else, you need to be prepared. Your date tonight will be thinking, "Why can't I get a date tomorrow night? He/She thinks he/she is slick, but little does he/she know, I have a date tomorrow ,too. And I'm just going for a free meal." Let Friday night's date think you can't possibly be with them on V-day because you have plans-with mom or grandma. Who can get mad at that? Your V-day date won't be worried about it because they get the actual holiday. You just might want to make sure they don't have a date Friday night, too.

...Take your date to the same restaurants you go to for Mother's Day, your cousin's birthday, or graduation. You know what I'm talking about; Red Lobster and the like. It's just not going to cut it tomorrow. Now, this IS coming from a girl whose favorite restaurant is Olive Garden , but understand that your date probably won't be as classy as me, and as secure in her high class to sit and share a bowl of salad and with you.

...Go ALL out. Maybe I'm alone on this, but it's just a little holiday. I wouldn't expect someone to get me anything too costly or crazy (see above). Save the fireworks for July and just focus on being a sweety.

Those of you celebrating V-day enjoy!

P.S. I almost forgot. V-day is NOT just a day for the ladies. That means we should be putting in work, too. Don't forget that!
by Ciara

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