Friday, February 13, 2009

Cleveland Black History - The First Black Settler

Have you ever wondered who was the first black man to settle in the city of Cleveland? Me neither, but it's very interesting nonetheless. The first black settler to Cleveland is known as George A. Peake. He was a native of Maryland who came here with his wife and two sons in 1809. Now make no mistake in assuming these were poor blacks in search of three acres and a mule. The Peakes were pretty well off. In fact, Mr. Peake bought 103 acres in Rockport, MD. And Mrs. Peake? She had her own, too. She had half a bushel of silver dollars, a large sum at the time.
Not only is Mr. Peake credited with settling in Cleveland, he was also an inventor. Mr. Peake invented a hand mill, which made him a favorite neighbor to many. Mr. Peake passed away in 1827. It is unknown where his burial place is.

Info obtained from the CWRU Encyclopedia of Cleveland History website.

by Ciara

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