Monday, February 23, 2009

Madea Goes To Jail Gone Bad, but Perry Breaks the Bank still, So I'm Not Mad!

Now dont get me wrong, I am a huge Madea and Tyler Perry fan. Perry has failed to let me down.....until this past weekend. "Madea Goes To Jail," the movie that every Madea fan has been waiting on, was a Perry movie gone bad, if you ask me.

The Plot: Many good points made and had a topic that is rarely touched upon but the movie ended too quickly and kind of left the audience....hanging. Was it just me, or were we all expecting to see more with the ex fiance, or even with what happened with Candy?

The Acting: With a couple of familiar faces, I thought that the acting would have been a little bit better, especially from little Miss Rudy herself.....and Madea, still her usual funny self, but not as comical as she usually is. Honestly, Madea seemed a little more laid back than what she usually is.....Is Madea and her personality slowly dying away?
Perry has definitely reached a new level of fame and fortune, especially with the new opening of his studio in Atlanta. His last movie, "The Family That Preys" also shows a new side of Perry that may also work for him....So is it time to lay Madea to rest? Who knows, but "Madea Goes to Jail" was a huge disappointment and a Perry movie gone bad, so maybe we just need a break from Madea or maybe Perry is maturing more and more by the movie, so much that he cant keep Madea funny anymore...?!?
Regardless of the matter though, Perry is still breaking major bread and when its all said and done, I cant be mad at him! Keep up the goodwork Tyler Perry
By Monisa

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