Thursday, February 5, 2009

Out of Date Ideas?

Fellas, the next time you ask your doll out for a date don't resort back to the dinner and a movie routine. Get creative! Here in Cleveland there are a ton of fun, low-cost options that could be the difference between landing you in the dollhouse...or the doghouse!

Where: University Circle Ice Rink
When: now through Feb. 16th
Why: This is the first time Wade Oval has become available for outdoor ice skating. Who cares if you can't skate! It'll be that much more fun trying to hold each other up. Visit for more info.

Where: Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Rainforest
When: anytime
Why: Seriously, when is the last time you went to the museum? Have fun while learning something new. Go to,, or for details.

Where: Karamu Theater
When: now through Feb. 16th
Why: Playwright Thomas Gibbons and director Terrance Spivey team up to deliver "A House With No Walls," third in a trilogy of plays. Take in a little drama and encourage discourse over a racially driven play set in Philadelphia. Sure, it's no Cleveland, but Peter Lawson Jones does make a cameo. Call 216-795-7070 or visit for details.

Where: The Corner Alley
When: Anytime you like after 11:30am Mon-Fri, and 4pm on Sun (but if your doll is more babydoll than barbie doll she can't get in after 9pm!)
Why: An "upscale" bowling experience, get competitive and have a drink or two. After all that education and art (see above) you'll want to dumb it down and simply let loose. If all that bowling makes you hungry don't forget the accompanying 4th Street Bar & Grill that offers American cuisine. Head to for more.

by Ciara

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