Monday, March 2, 2009

Clevelander of the Month: March

Well, the moment that you all have been waiting for.......

As a Clevelander, when you first hear YBM, what do you think of? Hot? Fashionable? Making moves? All of the cool kids wear it? Maybe all of the above. No matter what you think of when you hear or see YBM, if you don’t live under a rock, then you know that YBM may just be one of the hottest clothing lines in the area, and if you don’t think so, just ask Day 26. Yea, that’s how hot it really is.

YBM, Young Business Men, was started by Cleveland’s own Paul Sadler Jr., while he was away in college at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. Along with some of his college friends, Sadler began the business with customized sneakers. Branching off from the sneakers, these young fellas decided to make shirts to match their shoes and Sadler tagged the name Young Business Men to it, not knowing that this name was going to take him a lot farther than what he expected. The shirts ended up taking off more so than the shoes, so they took the apparel idea and ran with it.

YBM is unique in its own way, making it a stand out from other local designers. Its creative hand painted style is a mixture of Brazilian Tribal art and Australian art. According to Sadler, “YBM is a mixture of different art designs; it will always be around because it is an art form, not a trend and not a fad.”

A businessman since the age of 5yrs old, Paul Sadler has sold newspapers in New York, worked for the Sun Press in Cleveland, started a candy store in Tennessee, managed Sunoco gas stations, has sold books with his father and currently is into real estate and in the process of opening a juice bar on the west side of Cleveland. Very goal oriented and focused, Sadler has been blessed to learn the game that we all know as entrepreneurship, at an early age, leading to his current success.

When asked about his favorite and least favorite current trends, Sadler named his top 3 favorites as the fitted (not tight) look that a lot of young men are rocking now, sneakers and the new colorful trends that are taking over the runways. As for his least favorite, this “Hater of the Month” had many styles/trends that he strongly disliked, and in the following order: 1) Sunglasses at night/in the club 2) Leggings (depending on how and where you wear them…and NOT in church ladies!) 3) male scarves 4) Mismatch outfits (how can someone say that they are expressing themselves when they never expressed themselves before?) and last but definitely not least 5) Sagging tight pants.

So what does it take to get to this level of success? “No cheating the game when it comes to business,” he says. Have a plan, stick to the plan and have capital.” Sadler explains that to make it, you have to have goals and not just dreams. “A goal is taking your dreams to the next level.” His formula for making it in the business world is as follows: Take your dream, set your goal, make the goal a plan, take the plan, get your capital, open up the business and create revenue. In the midst of building your goals, remember that you always have to be ready to fail. He states that many people cannot deal with a “No.”

Even though Paul Sadler has been blessed with many resources, his hard work didn’t pay off overnight. He emphasizes how important it is to use ALL of your resources. Even to this day, Paul is pulling every name out of the book. His sister, Z107.9’s own Bijou Star connected him with Day 26 and a good friend helped him with his appearance on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen as well, which led to opportunities with BET. Paul, after being turned down 3 times from Next’s manager, is finally making his way to the Next Clothing stores, making his debut on Friday March 6th.

With a team of about 5 people in Cleveland, but 20 altogether, YBM is definitely making its way to the top. With representation in major cities like, Charlotte, LA, Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta, YBM may be that name that Cleveland needs to gain back its credibility.

“It’s a truthful line, its one of a kind.” Custom made, wearable art, that’s going to be a collector’s art” and that’s from Paul himself.

You heard it first ladies and gents….so go and cop some YBM, rock it proud, rock it first and be one of the coolest kids in the city.
By Monisa

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