Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1. What is the significance in the name Keyel to who you guys are as artists?
Keyel is short for Key Elements and pretty much means we embody the culture of hip hop and being real as possible. which was key when hip hop emerged

2. How did all of you meet?
Holy, Pease, and Twizz, are all high school buddies, and we met Eso at a slum village show, and we were the only ones going crazy, so we just instantly clicked

3. Describe your genre of music.
A fusion of hip hop, electronic, soul, amongst other things

4. In your words, what is the difference between a rapper and a lyricist?What are Keyel?
A rapper is like a normal cook, and a lyricist is like the head chef, they both can cook, one is just better at it... and we like to think of ourselves as chefs lol

5. Finish the statement: Hip Hop______.
Is nothing really, it used to be dope but now look at it. there's so many sub genres that its hard to label anyone hip hop now days.

6. If you had to compare your style to someone, who would it be and why?
I mean we have many influences, but i dont think theres anyone with a sound like ours. its really unique

7. Why should someone want to come to a Keyel show?
It'll be a high energy, fun, good times rollin show.

8. On a normal day, where will you find the guys of Keyel?
At the KEYpad, or at Heart and Sole

9. Who is your favorite Cleveland DJ?
No brainer.... ESO

10. Where do you see Keyel is 10 years?
Living life the way its supposed to be lived

11. Do you want to stay underground or go mainstream? Why?
Both, because everyone needs to hear what keyel is putting out, and we love the underground, but mainstream bring the chips

12. Commercial sells, so can you see Keyel ever making commercial tracks?
Never in a million years, unless raw music becomes comercial then heckie yeah

13. Do you have groupies already?
No comment lol

14. Why do you love hip hop?
It allows us to just do our thing in the most natural way, and theres no other genre of music like it.

15. Describe Keyel in one word. CRAZY


By Monisa

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