Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Sex Tour (Ohio)

“Free Sex!” short for “Free Sex Education” is the campaign slogan used for this sex information music tour. The main objective of this campaign is to promote abstinence and safe sex to teens throughout Northeast Ohio while giving them a good environment of music. The slogan “Free Sex” is used to captivate the attention of teens initially then convert that attention into information about STD’s, safe sex practices, abstinence, and the effects of teen pregnancies.
Each year approximately 3 million cases of STDs occur among teenagers and approximately 870,000 teenagers become pregnant. Over the years the teen pregnancy rate has seen a drop, but rates of HIV and other STD infections have not declined. HIV, other STDs, and teen pregnancy can all impact students’ capacity to excel at school and can be a contributing factor in decreasing high school graduation rates. By making teens aware of these shocking statistics, this will force young adults into deeper though about being sexually involved. Overall, we will make students more cautious and aware of the ramifications of experimenting with sex at an early age and how it can have a negative effect on their dreams and aspirations.
Our tour also plans to decrease the dropout rates and other negative implications due to teen pregnancy that can hurt the school’s image as a whole. By reducing teen pregnancy, HIV, and STDs at schools across Northeast Ohio we hope to impact students from other parts of Ohio as well. If our program spreads across the state it has the potential of making the state of Ohio become one of the top states in the nation for providing both excellent school and sex education.
Cities for Free Sex Tour! (N.E. Ohio)
1. Youngstown – Barleys
Thursday Feb 4th, 2010
2. Akron – Club Beer 30
Friday Feb 5th, 2010
3. Lakewood- Phantasy Niteclub
Saturday Feb 6th, 2010

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