Monday, July 6, 2009


Well it looks like Keyshia Cole is mad crazy in love and I mean that literally. You have to be crazy to tat a man’s name, who isn’t your father, on your body. And yes, she did just that. Rumor is, on Ms. Cole’s arm, is Daniel Boobie Gibson’s name but, I wonder if he would tat HER name on HIS arm?!? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Keyshia Cole but I would never tattoo a man’s name on my arm, because these days, no relationship or marriage is guaranteed, but to each its on…….

Rumor is that one of the Dollhouse’s favs, Keri Hilson, just might be gay….WTF? Are you serious? Have you heard her duo with R. Kelly, “Number 1?” If not, you might want to hear what Ms. Hilson has to say to the ladies…..Quite disturbing, if you ask me. Maybe she is singing from a man’s point of view though, who knows but whatever it may be, the song does make Keri Hilson look a little suspect. Regardless though, I will still be blasting her album in MY car, because her music is still fire.


  1. and i must be listening to the wrong version of "number one." i don't hear anything "suspect."