Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Recession-Proof?

If so, good for you, but roughly 7.2 percent of Clevelanders are not.
These days it's getting harder and harder to stay afloat. Seriously,
how are you supposed to maintain your sexy while your worried about
losing your job?! Since Dollhouse would hate to see you having to
take up a part-time job just to party with us, we offer you tips for
remaining recession proof...and fly!

*Network, Network, Network
Of course you'll hear this one every time, but it's true. While job
hunting in today's market you'll face a lot of competition. Not only
recent graduates and people who already didn't have a job, but also
the hundreds of thousands who get laid off every month. It's no
longer enough to simply respond to an ad. In fact, only about 20
percent of available jobs are ever advertised. The rest you can chalk
up to knowing a guy who knows a guy. It would benefit you to join a
group, such as the Cleveland Area Black Professionals, who meet
monthly to network.

Oh, so you have a brand new (authentic) Gucci bag? Great. But are
you putting off something greater? You could have put something on
that credit card bill, saved up to get a better home, paid that $1100
AT&T bill from 6 years ago that's been in collections. You get the
point. We all want the finer things, but it's no fun when important
things (bills) and people (our kids) get pushed aside for them.

*Have a Plan B
While it's important to have a goal and stay focused on it, consider
the possibilities. What if you went back to school, took up a trade,
or shifted your career focus? You could potentially see yourself
earning more money and building more bridges. Don't sleep on online
schools. With discipline you can find yourself earning an advanced
degree. You're an account executive who also happens to like doing
nails? Brush up on your skills and there you have a lucrative side

*Remember I Mentioned Staying Fly in The Recession?
It is possible! Sure you're used to getting your hair and nails done
every week or two but if you find yourself struggling to do so there
is a simple solution. Learn how to do your own da*n nails! That $20
you shell out every week or so for a manicure adds up quickly. Have
you ever tried stretching out that wrap an extra week? It just might
not be so bad. Then again it might. If so try cutting back in other
ways. Carefully research an item before you buy it. Sometimes
websites have better deals than the stores and vice versa.
Since guys cannot under any circumstances skimp on getting haircuts
they will need to seek alternative methods for remaining
poverty-stricken chic. You all have good sales on clothing too. Try
keeping things simple and stop trying to outshine the ladies with your
glamorous belts and bedazzled jackets! If that doesn't work for you
suck it up and flirt a little with the unfortunate looking girl
working in Saks. Maybe she'll let you use her discount?

If nothing else, remember that this, too, shall pass! Use these
uncertain economic times as motivation to work harder and reflect on ways to strengthen your skills and make your money work for you!

by Ciara

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